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Meet Ivan, the wellness pundit behind QWERTYdelight: a collection of original, science-backed stories broaching a wide range of mental health topics, from mind-controlling parasites to hallucinations in sleep paralysis (yikes!)

These short, digestible stories stem from the author’s 10+ years of experience in the mired realm of “mindfuckery.” They reveal what you already know: that you’re equipped with the skills you need to drop-kick your afflictions in the face. You just need some extra help landing said kick. And that’s where QWERTYdelight comes in!

Sidenote: let’s pretend for a moment that these stories aren’t a by-product of Ivan’s three premature mid-life crises, each fueled by his acute case of chronic dissatisfaction, organized here for your reading pleasure. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

Let’s focus, instead, on the realistic practices, actionable advice and elephantine empathy you’ll receive as you devour each bite-sized article of this irreverent collection, conceptualized carefully to help you slay another day.

But if we never, ever, see you again (cue single tear streaming down Ivan’s pale cheek), may we leave you with our one unwavering truth?

There’s no greater purpose in Life than to create delightful experiences for yourselves and those around you.

Now more than ever, your mental health and personal wellbeing deserve as much time and attention as your Netflix account. So, when you feel like your boat’s about to capsize in the murky waters of Life, do not go gently, dear reader.

For there is much to delight.

Ivan Suazo is a writer and health coach in the field of self-help and personal development. He holds a BFA in Dramatic Writing and a minor in Psychology from the State University of New York.

His short stories have been featured in “Sixfold” and “Writer’s of the Future,” and they’ve been read by his mother, sister and some other people here and there.

When he’s not copywriting or strategizing content for his clients, Ivan is curating the ultimate karaoke-playlist-to-end-all-karaoke-playlists on Spotify or spooning his husband and sixty-pound dog, Vernon. Like, at the same time.