mindfulness and self-awareness brain tied to heart

Mindfulness And Self-Awareness: What’s The Difference?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Mindfulness and self-awareness. Rumination and introspection. Fixed mindset versus growth mindset. With so many subsets in the wellness niche, the glossary of mental health can be a daunting thing to behold. But it needn’t be. In this article, we’ll cover

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The Inner Demon’s Guide To Behavioral Health

Reading Time: 6 minutes Have you ever vowed to quit smoking or stop drinking or avoid one-night stands like the plague, only to keep smoking and drinking and going home with strangers after meeting them briefly at neon-lit nightclubs or sticky-floored dive bars? If

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decision fatigue illustration person in laptop head down

7 Essential Tips To Avoid Decision Fatigue

Reading Time: 6 minutes A study by Cornell University found that the average person makes 226 decisions about food each day. If this seems right to you, perhaps it’s because you’ve spent hours scrolling through restaurant profiles on Grubhub, Seamless and Doordash only to

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4 Surefire Ways To Build A Growth Mindset

Reading Time: 4 minutes In her book, “Mindset,” psychologist and author Carol Dweck describes the “fixed mindset” individual as someone who believes in either possessing or lacking sheer talent to overcome their life experiences. In other words, this person believes that they either “have

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seasonal depression woman with mascara tears

6 Best Practices To Cure Seasonal Depression

Reading Time: 7 minutes Of the depressions and disorders known to humankind, seasonal depression is one of the worst. Also called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), or the “winter blues,” seasonal depression occurs when there are drastic changes or shifts in seasonal patterns, such as

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cartoon yelling repeated echo chamber

How To Exit The Echo Chamber

Reading Time: 4 minutes Echo chambers are formed when your set of principles, beliefs and value systems are reinforced by others who share the same set of principles, beliefs and value systems. In these chambers, alternative ideas aren’t welcome. The ones that rule are

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silhouette brain fog clouds in head

4 Ways To Clear The Pesky Brain Fog In Your Head

Reading Time: 5 minutes Brain fog, or “clouding of consciousness,” is a cocktail of symptoms that impairs certain cognitive functions, including your ability to problem-solve, decision-make, and recall things in memory. In other words, it’s not a yummy cocktail like a mint julep or

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