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3 Mindfulness Techniques To End Rumination

Reading Time: 6 minutes INTROSPECTION IS A TRICKY B*TCH Introspection is the examination of your own conscious thoughts and feelings. You might look “inwardly” after a bad breakup or an altercation with a coworker to figure out what the heck went wrong. Sometimes, you

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12 Epic Failure Quotes You’ll Need To Succeed

Reading Time: 6 minutes At QWERTYdelight, we’ve already given you three solid reasons why failing is an option. So, if the twelve failure quotes in this article don’t convince you that failure can be a good thing, then we’ve failed you hard, dear reader.

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7 Selfcare Ideas To Improve Your Mental Health

Reading Time: 5 minutes In case you weren’t aware, May is Mental Health Awareness month. And now that April’s almost over, QWERTYdelight’s here to offer you not five, not six, but seven practical selfcare ideas for the handsome price of $0. As you’ll soon

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How To Squash Fear-Mongering In 5 Badass Steps

Reading Time: 5 minutes Dear Reader, What do the following terms have in common? (Cue Final Jeopardy “Think!” music.) Do you give up? Alright. I’ll tell you! They all lead to one central (and hella-annoying) theme: The subliminal art of fear-mongering. WHAT IS FEAR-MONGERING?

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