man with hand to ear active listening skills

5 Active Listening Skills To Improve Your Wellbeing

Reading Time: 8 minutes Active listening sucks! It requires your full concentration, understanding and ability to remember what is actually said (not some other version of “the truth,” which you prefer to hear.) Even now as you read this you find yourself on the

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girl blowing colorful confetti from her hands

The Traps Of Time Confetti

Reading Time: 9 minutes THE WAITING ROOMS OF LIFE You’re at the dentist’s waiting to be seen. To quell your boredom, you grab a magazine from a towering stack on the coffee table and flip through the Bulova and Chanel N°5 ads. After some

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happy man on top of a mountain

How To Be Happy: 9 Steps Towards Incandescent Joy

Reading Time: 10 minutes Unhappiness is as annoying as your handsy uncle after he’s had a few mojitos (amirite?) If your first thought of the day is, Somebody, please kill me now! chances are you’re not living life to its fullest potential. And that’s precisely

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hand holding a woman on edge of a cliff

Why You Should Trust In Others (Or Not)

Reading Time: 8 minutes CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT According to author Louise Hay, we’re taught to fear the unknown from an early age. When we were wee boys and girls, our parents warned us not to talk to strangers. We’ve also been told not

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masculinity shirtless band lead singer

The Dangers Of Toxic Masculinity

Reading Time: 9 minutes PINK LADIES When I was fourteen years old, I was under constant pressure to find myself a girlfriend.  But there just was one itty-bitty problem: Up until then, I had convinced myself that vaginas weren’t, in fact, vaginas. But rather

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