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5 Steps To Prevent Sleep Paralysis

Reading Time: 7 minutes The Case Study I awoke one night to a grip on my throat. An old woman in a white gown was straddling me as I lay in bed. Her face was full of creases like unfolded origami. Her long, gray

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pregant woman holding her belly

Writing Is Like Giving Birth (Or Not)

Reading Time: 5 minutes “I get an urge, like a pregnant elephant, to go away and give birth to a book.” — Stephen Fry. There’s a whisper in creative communities around the world that long-form art is like giving birth. Both men and women suffer

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Why Taking Naps Will Make You A Better Person

Reading Time: 7 minutes I spent my first semester of college abroad: four months in a quaint little town on a wind-swept plateau of central Spain. In the spring of 2001, I meandered the cobblestone streets of none other than Burgos. Founded in 884,

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The Dangers Of “Testiculating”

Reading Time: 5 minutes I’d like to submit the following to Urban Dictionary: Tes·tic·u·late /teˈstikyəˌlāt/ Verb: the use of gestures, with the occasional grab of the balls, often to convey intimidation and to emphasize one’s words (often shitty words) rather than to speak gently

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bawling man-cry

How To Be Emotional And Not Alienate Your Friends

Reading Time: 5 minutes There was a consensus in my beloved island-nation, the Dominican Republic: foreigners were these emotionally handicapped creatures who shat on your feelings. Something was wrong with them, we all thought. Why didn’t they pick fights with bank tellers or supermarket

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Where To Go On Your Honeymoon

Reading Time: 4 minutes At a dinner party recently, a friend asked my husband and me where we honeymooned. “Oh, you know, the Amalfi Coast,” I said inspecting my cuticles and shrugging nonchalantly. “No biggie.”  “We haven’t been on our honeymoon yet,” Hubbie said,

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How Not To Learn From Your Mistakes

Reading Time: 5 minutes When the bell dinged, my opponent and I bumped gloves in a show of mutual respect. The dude I was about to fight was a lanky, brown-skinned boy with high cheekbones and sunken eyes. He reminded me of Churro, the

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