How To Squash Fear-Mongering In 5 Badass Steps

microphone with lightning in front of audience

Reading Time: 5 minutes Dear Reader, What do the following terms have in common? (Cue Final Jeopardy “Think!” music.) Do you give up? Alright. I’ll tell you! They all lead to one central (and hella-annoying) theme: The subliminal art of fear-mongering. WHAT IS FEAR-MONGERING? Fear-mongering is a form of manipulation that elicits or arouses fear in others by using […]

A Sensory Deprivation Float Chamber & Me

yellow door to sensory deprivation chamber

Reading Time: 12 minutes I’m in a dimly-lit basement in Westwood, LA. The acoustic ceiling, chequered in white tiles, reminds me of my father’s modest café in Tampa, Florida. It’s an unsightly feature, unbecoming of a wellness lab in ritzy Westwood, where sidewalks are adorned with flower baskets hanging from street lamps. But the imperfect ceiling doesn’t phase me. […]

How To Be Happy: 9 Steps Towards Incandescent Joy

happy man on top of a mountain

Reading Time: 10 minutes Unhappiness is as annoying as your handsy uncle after he’s had a few mojitos (amirite?) If your first thought of the day is, Somebody, please kill me now! chances are you’re not living life to its fullest potential. And that’s precisely what you should be striving for if you wish to be happy! But how exactly […]

Why You Should Trust In Others (Or Not)

hand holding a woman on edge of a cliff

Reading Time: 8 minutes CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT According to author Louise Hay, we’re taught to fear the unknown from an early age. When we were wee boys and girls, our parents warned us not to talk to strangers. We’ve also been told not to go poking our noses where they didn’t belong. This advice has been around for […]

3 Reasons Why Failing Is An Option

burned dumpster

Reading Time: 7 minutes “We are all failures. At least the best of us are.” — JM Barrie, author of “Peter Pan.” At twenty-nine, I was working a dead-end job leasing apartments in New York City. I’ll admit — there were plenty of opportunities for advancement within the company that I worked for. But I ignored them all. Instead, […]

Irrational Fears And How To Overcome Them

comicbook man running with fear

Reading Time: 8 minutes Once upon a time, a team of explorers discovered a remote, uninhabited island surrounded by turquoise waters.  They set up shop there and soon realized that the island had all the makings of a veritable paradise: an endless supply of fruits and veggies, pristine water to drink from, agreeable weather and breathtaking scenery. Needless to […]

6 Journaling Exercises To Improve Your Life

pen on top of an open journal

Reading Time: 8 minutes WHY YOU SHOULD KEEP A JOURNAL Your thoughts and feelings tend to ricochet in your mind like a game of pong. It’s hard to anticipate where the ball is headed. Oftentimes, you let your emotions get the best of you. They inflate like balloons, expanding with each breath that you take until those emotions go […]