Panic Attack Vs. Nervous Breakdown: Recognizing the Symptoms of Each

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Knowing the difference between a panic attack and a nervous breakdown is important, as each condition carries its own cocktail of symptoms. Here’s how to tell them apart: What is a Panic Attack? Lasting a mere few minutes, a panic attack is often triggered by a sudden and acute sense of fear. A panic episode […]

Imposter Syndrome Explained: How To Overcome Feeling Like One Big Fraud

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Impostor syndrome is a psychological condition in which high-achieving individuals feel like their successes are undeserved. As such, these folx are often unable to accept their accomplishments lest they be exposed as “frauds.” People who suffer from imposter syndrome, otherwise known as the imposter phenomenon, feel as though it’s a matter of time before someone […]

A 7-Step Guide To Handling A Panic Attack

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Reading Time: 3 minutes My most spectacular panic attack happened a few years ago while I was traveling alone through Europe on my way to the Middle East. One morning, I awoke at my friend’s apartment in Tel Aviv to birds chirping outside of my bedroom window and a fragrant scent of freshly brewed coffee wafting in the air. […]

Mindfulness And Self-Awareness: What’s The Difference?

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Reading Time: 5 minutes Mindfulness and self-awareness. Rumination and introspection. Fixed mindset versus growth mindset. With so many subsets in the wellness niche, the glossary of mental health can be a daunting thing to behold. But it needn’t be. In this article, we’ll cover two mental health topics — mindfulness and self-awareness — to gain a clearer understanding of […]

The Inner Demon’s Guide To Behavioral Health

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Reading Time: 6 minutes Have you ever vowed to quit smoking or stop drinking or avoid one-night stands like the plague, only to keep smoking and drinking and going home with strangers after meeting them briefly at neon-lit nightclubs or sticky-floored dive bars? If so, this article on behavioral health is for you! In it, we’ll go over the […]

7 Essential Tips To Avoid Decision Fatigue

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Reading Time: 6 minutes A study by Cornell University found that the average person makes 226 decisions about food each day. If this seems right to you, perhaps it’s because you’ve spent hours scrolling through restaurant profiles on Grubhub, Seamless and Doordash only to choose the same “go-to” spot for dinner. And if food choices weren’t enough, you also […]

How To Exit The Echo Chamber

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Reading Time: 4 minutes Echo chambers are formed when your set of principles, beliefs and value systems are reinforced by others who share the same set of principles, beliefs and value systems. In these chambers, alternative ideas aren’t welcome. The ones that rule are the ones shared by all. What’s more, they’re impervious to doubt, often helmed by leaders […]

Wellness At The Workplace: Is Your Employer Looking Out For Your Wellbeing?

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Reading Time: 7 minutes The results are in: about half of the American workforce hates what they do for a living. But with bills piling up on the kitchen table, they show up to work anyway, toiling at their cubicles while glancing at the slow hands of the clock now and then. When it comes to wellness at the […]