Free Sleep Story: Zening Out On Paradise Island

turquoise beach peninsula paradise island

Reading Time: 4 minutes “Off the northwestern coast of the Dominican Republic, surrounded by the serene, turquoise waters of Bahía Isabela, is an island whose chalk-white sands and dazzling coral reef beckon adventurous seafarers and tourists alike.” So begins my sleep story, “Paradise Island,” available now when you subscribe to the QWERTYdelight Weekly Newsletter! My lush, Caribbean country shares the […]

Sleep In The Time Of COVID: Advice From A Serial Napper

woman restless awake in bed poor sleep

Reading Time: 6 minutes Something happens when you sleep. I don’t mean your recurring dream of driving a chalk-white BMW Roadster down the winding roads of the Amalfi Coast with Ace of Base’s “Beautiful Life” blasting on the radio (although that sounds like a badass dream!) When you sleep, your body enters a restorative, anabolic state, where essential hormones […]

5 Sleep Stories To Catch Some Serious ZZZs

boy sleeping in dream setting

Reading Time: 4 minutes After months of scouring Youtube for the best sleep stories around, below is my curated list of the top five to help you catch some ZZZs. Although they’re meant to bore you to sleep, these dreamy narratives aren’t particularly boring. One narrator, for instance, guides you through the breathtaking scenery of Milford Sound in New […]

5 Steps To Prevent Sleep Paralysis

sleep paralysis dark bedroom purple neon light

Reading Time: 7 minutes The Case Study I awoke one night to a grip on my throat. An old woman in a white gown was straddling me as I lay in bed. Her face was full of creases like unfolded origami. Her long, gray hair falling to my temples. She laughed like the wicked witch as her cold fingers […]

Why Taking Naps Will Make You A Better Person

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Reading Time: 7 minutes I spent my first semester of college abroad: four months in a quaint little town on a wind-swept plateau of central Spain. In the spring of 2001, I meandered the cobblestone streets of none other than Burgos. Founded in 884, its call-to-fame was the “Cathedral of Saint Mary,” a divine structure that barely anyone knew […]