20 Inspirational Words That’ll Work Wonders For Your Mental Health

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Inspirational words dare you to dream. They make the impossible possible. In just a few letters, they can tell a story, define a person, or galvanize an entire nation.

And when it comes to mental health, inspirational words are some of the most powerful weapons you’ll ever have to live your best life.

So without further ado, here are 20 of the best inspirational words that’ll work wonders for your mental health.

20 Inspirational Words That’ll Work Wonders For Your Mental Health

1) Believe

Believe in yourself. Believe in the dreams you have for your future. Believe that you can make a difference in the world. Believe that you have great ideas and the ability to make them a reality. If you don’t, who else will?

2) Embrace

Embrace is one of those inspirational words that can mean different things to different people. To some, it might mean embracing change. To others, it might mean embracing the best that life has to offer. Not sure what it means to you? Then embrace failure as a valuable lesson learned. Fear of failure will only hold you back.

3) Journey

No matter how high or low you go, life is an incredible journey that’s meant to be enjoyed. Anyone who tells you otherwise is on the wrong journey.

4) Reward

Reflect on all of your past achievements; everything from passing tests to finishing daily chores. These daily victories should be rewarded, not forgotten.

5) Respect

Respect is one of the best inspirational words to live by. Respect everyone you meet. Treat them better than you would like to be treated. Doing so will change the way you see others and how they see you, plus open new doors of opportunity.

6) Envision

When you were a kid, you had a vivid imagination. You envisioned yourself in all sorts of amazing adventures and exciting situations. Recapture that feeling by envisioning the life you want to live without restrictions, then go for it.

7) Brave

Few inspirational words can bear the enormous weight of fear. No matter what you think, you have the right to live free of fear. Bravely take steps to face your fears and vanquish them.

8) Laugh

Laugh at the rain on your wedding day. Laugh at the free ride when you’ve already paid. Then laugh at every other ironic situation that you can glean from an Alanis Morissette song. Laughing will keep you sane when the world feels insane.

9) Forgive

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful and underrated inspirational words. When you forgive, you free yourself from resentment and bitterness. You open your heart to receive love and compassion. You set yourself free to live a happier life.

10) Appreciate

Appreciate everything you have in your life – the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything else in between. There’s no point in harboring resentment or other negative feelings when there are so many things to be grateful for.

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11) Be Present

Okay, so these are technically two words, but I’m allowed a little leeway here! 😉 Be present in every moment, whether you’re enjoying a good laugh or taking in natural beauty. When you’re present, you’re living life to the fullest.

12) Connect

Connect with nature. Connect with your loved ones. Connect with your innermost thoughts and feelings. When you’re connected to these things, you are your best self.

13) Nurture

Inspirational words like nurture are especially important for those who struggle with self-care. Permit yourself to take care of your body and mind. Nurture them with healthy foods, restful sleep, and positive thoughts.

14) Serve

No quid pro quo here: serve selflessly. Serve others with a kind heart and without any expectations in return. When you do this, you’ll gain more than you can imagine.

15) Dare

Of the inspirational words on this list, I’m partial to “dare.” Dare to dream. Dare to go where you never thought possible. Dare yourself to grow, change, and become the person you’re meant to be.

16) Give

Giving is one of the simplest and most effective inspirational words to improve your mental health. Give love. Give support. Give time. When you give, you receive.

17) Simplify

Simplify your life by getting rid of unnecessary things (both physically and mentally). When your life is simplified, you make room for what truly matters.

18) Dream

Dream big and dream often! Dreams will keep you moving forward in life. They remind you of what’s possible. So go ahead and dream away!

19) Surrender

Here’s one of the most interesting inspirational words on this list: surrender. Surrender to the present moment. Let things happen. Let go of all your worries, doubts, and fears. When you do this, life becomes a journey of discovery.

20) Love

Love is the inspirational word to end all inspirational words.

Love yourself and love others. Love unconditionally and without expectation. When you love, everything else falls into place.

So there you have it! 20 of the best inspirational words that will work wonders for your mental health.

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