7 Selfcare Ideas To Improve Your Mental Health

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In case you weren’t aware, May is Mental Health Awareness month.

And now that April’s almost over, QWERTYdelight’s here to offer you not five, not six, but seven practical selfcare ideas for the handsome price of $0.

As you’ll soon find out, you can easily make a habit of incorporating these selfcare ideas into your weekly routine. But to make the most of them, you’ll have to follow our cardinal rule:

selfcare ideas be present sign yellow blue pink

In other words, when you set out to complete each of the seven selfcare ideas below, you must apply all of your focus and devotion to the task at hand.

This means no vacation planning while cooking a five-course meal on Monday. Similarly, you should avoid checking your social media DMs while soaking in a relaxing bath on Friday.

Aka doing one thing at a time is the key to improving your mental health and personal wellbeing.

That said, your challenge in May is to make each of the 31 days count by practicing the below selfcare ideas. We’ve got one for each day of the week, starting with #selfcaremonday.

But if your schedule isn’t quite conducive to our format, feel free to mix things up!


selfcare ideas ingredients on a table

By “cook,” we mean take out your pots and pans, dust them off, gather some ingredients and throw it down in the kitchen.

What we don’t want you to do is heat one of the twelve pre-made dinners you recently bought at Trader Joe’s.

More to our point, science has found positive correlations between mindful activities (like cooking) and improved mental health, which is why this first entry in our list of selfcare ideas is the best to get you “out of your head.”

(You know, that place where ghouls and goblins tend to wander?)

selfcare ideas gloved hands cleaning

Some say that “cleanliness is next to godliness.”

At QWERTYdelight, we believe that cleanliness is next to “calm-liness.”

Here’s another saying: “home is the ongoing story of a person” (courtesy of acclaimed interior designer, Ilse Crawford.)

So, if your home keeps looking like a category five hurricane swept through it with the wrath of a thousand angry gods, then there’s a chance your life isn’t only chaotic. It could very well be in ruins.

The best part of this selfcare idea is that you needn’t play the role of “Suzie Homemaker.” You don’t have to get down on all fours and scrub to kingdom come like Annie at the orphanage.

All it takes is two hours. That’s right, just two hours once a week to tidy the bedroom, wipe down the kitchen, spiff up the living room and spruce up the bathroom.

It’s like my girl Ilse said, the spaces we inhabit make us feel something.

Don’t let ’em make you feel like sh*t.

selfcare ideas man meditating

Why is the third entry of our selfcare ideas article titled #selcarehumpday and not #selfcarewednesday?

Well, dear reader, because nothing signals that homestretch to the weekend quite like “humpday.”

So, whether you’re a workaholic, or acutely aware of how slow the week’s going, this halfway mark to the end of the workweek is the best time to check in with your mental state.

To this end, check out Goodful’s library of quick meditations tackling everything from depression and stress to self-love and healing.

Or check out our article, “Meditation for Beginners.”

selfcare ideas tablet closeup

The library is what?

Open, b*tches!


Because #readingisfundamental.

But not only is it fundamental. Reading avidly can have a positive effect on your mental health, too.

This is why required reading shouldn’t be a thing in school. It should be a thing in life. That’s to say, you should always be reading. (Oh snap, did I just come up with a new hashtag? Ie. #alwaysbereading.)

A subscription to a weekly newsletter (hint: QWERTYdelight’s Weekly Newsletter on Thursdays!) can get that reading material straight to your inbox. (Looky there: you didn’t even have to lift a finger!)

But hey, we don’t care what topic or niche you choose.

Just read. Please. And thank you.

selfcare ideas woman taking bath

Congratulations! It’s Friday! Which means that you’ve survived another work week.

What better way to unwind and ease into a fun-filled weekend than taking a warm bubbly bath?

For realsies: hot baths can help relieve muscle tension, improve blood circulation and lower your blood pressure.

Want even more soothing fantabulism? Add some lavender-infused Epsom salt to your bath and let the aromatherapy begin!

(Who knew that a white ceramic oval contraption could contain such goodness?)

selfcare ideas gmail logo crossed out

Here’s one of our most bonkers selfcare ideas yet: go a whole Saturday without checking your email.

This means no tracking your packages.

No leaving your feedback for the chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to the Amalfi Coast.

No responding to your boss who can’t figure out how to move certain emails from his inbox to their corresponding folders.

And if you’re up for an even bigger challenge, take a long walk without your phone.

Go ahead. We dare you.

selfcare ideas woman practicing yoga

I don’t know about you, but my hamstrings are tighter than a clenched a**hole going through a haunted mansion at the county fair.

And seeing as I’m no longer a “spring chicken,” I’ll admit to suffering from the occasional (throbbing) lower back pain.

This is where practicing yoga comes in handy.

Not only does it improve flexibility, strengthen core muscles and relieve body pain. Similar to cooking (where you get out of your head), yoga allows you to “get into your body,” to assess how it’s doing and address your pain points (quite literally.)

What’s more, this last entry in our list of selfcare ideas is the perfect ending to a productive and fulfilling week.

So, now that the week’s over, tell us, dear reader, are you ready for Monday?

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