9 Dreamy Sleep Positions To Hit The Sack Like A Pro

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There are plenty of sleep positions out there to suit all kinds of personalities and preferences.

In this article, we’ll go over nine of them and teach you how to hit the sack like a pro!

To catch even more blissful ZZZs, we recommend our sleep story, “Paradise Island,” (available now on YouTube), which also serves as a guided meditation for peaceful sleep.

So, without further ado, below are nine sleep positions that you can incorporate into your bedtime ritual right away.

Night, ya’ll!

9 Dreamy Sleep Positions To Hit The Sack Like A Pro:

1. The Freefaller
freefaller sleep position
If your late-night dinner was a plate of beef enchiladas and refried beans, perhaps this is the best sleep position for you.

To aid your digestion (as your stomach curses you to high-heaven), try “The Freefaller,” where you lie on your stomach and keep your arms in a “hands up” position.

But beware, this sleep position may cause some strain on your neck, or do very little to maintain proper spine alignment during sleep.

2. The Back Sleeperback sleeper sleep position
Also called the supine position, “The Back Sleeper” may relieve some strain on your neck, but it could also redirect that strain to your lower back.

Therefore, if you recently threw out your back while training with, say, kettlebells or an ab roller, this isn’t one of the best sleep positions for you (so keep scrolling!)

3. The Soldiersoldier sleep positionAt ease, dear reader!

With “The Soldier,” your lower torso and legs are tucked into the bedsheets and your arms rest straight at your sides.

Although this is one of the stiffest sleep positions around, it’s a skosh better than The Back Sleeper (in our opinion) in that it promotes proper spine alignment.

What it won’t help you with is an acute case of sleep apnea. So, if you’re a full-blown snorer, see sleep position #5!

4. The Starfishstarfish sleep position
“The Starfish” is one of those sleep positions suited for capricious personalities.

In other words, if you subconsciously shift into this position before sleep, perhaps you’re a flakey tree-hugger who can’t keep an appointment to save your life?

But whatever. At least you look adorable while drifting into REM-land.

5. The Side Sleeperside sleeper sleep positionAttention snorers!

“The Side Sleeper” could potentially save your marriage.


It can help reduce the decibels in your snore-fest,1 much to your bed partner’s delight.

With a whopping 74% of participants reporting in this sleep study that they prefer The Side Sleeper to other sleep positions, this one’s a no-brainer.

6. The Fetal Positionfetal sleep position“The Fetal Position” is one of the most comfortable sleep positions to maintain during pregnancy.2

Not only does it help relieve neck and back pain. It also improves circulation for both the fetus and the mother.

What’s more, The Fetal Position helps your baby get into the best position for birth!3 (Your OB-GYN will thank you.)

7. The Log Positionlog sleep position
If you love guzzling down cans of La Croix sparkling water right before bed, then “The Log Position” might be a great fit for you!

Otherwise, sleeping on your back after a carbonated binge can cause you some acid reflux of Brobdingnagian proportions.

So, go easy on the soft drinks, will ya?

8. The Yearneryearner sleep positionYou may not fall asleep in “The Yearner” position purposefully, and yet you awaken with outstretched arms, longing for a warm body to hug.

Perhaps you wonder why you shifted into this position during sleep?

But then you remember the countless hours you spent the night before engaging in witty banter with strangers on Tinder.

Ah, that’s why, you think to yourself. That’s exactly why.

9. The Spoonerspooner sleep position
If you wish to hit the sack like a pro and catch some major ZZZs post-haste, then we can’t recommend “The Spooner” position enough!

Of the nine sleep positions in this article, The Spooner has been lauded by Business Insider as the best to obliterate sleep apnea, acid reflux, neck, back, and joint pain.

Not only that, lodging a pillow in between your legs is the optimal way to maintain proper spine alignment.

So, there you have it: nine sleep positions to help you slay another day (or night!)

Let us know your favorite at info@qwertydelight.com or on our Contact Page.

And keep those lovely dreams coming 😀

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