10 of the Best Nighttime Beverages for Sleep

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Reading Time: 5 minutes When it comes to a good night’s rest, a sleepy nighttime beverage can make a world of difference, helping you to relax and drift into a peaceful slumber faster and better. Most nighttime beverages are served warm. But a few chilled options can also lull you to sleep. Some pack a nutritional punch, offering a […]

Panic Attack Vs. Nervous Breakdown: Recognizing the Symptoms of Each

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Knowing the difference between a panic attack and a nervous breakdown is important, as each condition carries its own cocktail of symptoms. Here’s how to tell them apart: What is a Panic Attack? Lasting a mere few minutes, a panic attack is often triggered by a sudden and acute sense of fear. A panic episode […]

Thanksgiving Stress: 5 Tips to Keep Calm During the Holidays

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Thanksgiving is here, which means you’ll soon be donning your favorite “reindeer jumper,” as Bridget Jones would say, and gearing up for yet another regrettable feast that pushes your pants’ buttons to the limit. If you’re dreading thanksgiving stress, or just can’t handle an awkward Thanksgiving dinner, then here are five tips to keep calm […]

7 Self-Care Ideas For Caregivers To Stay Strong And Optimistic

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Reading Time: 3 minutes This guest post was written by Harry Cline of newcaregiver.org. Whether you’re looking after a loved one or a client, being a caregiver can be mentally and physically exhausting. You’re so used to helping others and checking items off your to-do list that you feel guilty for even considering taking time for yourself. But burnout is […]

Equine Therapy For The Chronically Depressed

equine therapy hand touching horse

Reading Time: 5 minutes In case you haven’t heard, people are hugging horses in droves. Yours truly included. Recently, I mounted a handsome colt (as in, a young male horse, you lecherous fiend). His name was Charlie. He was tall, brown, had a frizzy mane and jacked-up teeth (but I fell in love anyway). Charlie resides in a cozy […]

33 Kickass Tips To Improve Your Mental Health Right Now

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Reading Time: 8 minutes If you’re constantly feeling frustrated, stressed, or riddled with anxiety, it’s time to take a step back and focus on how to improve your mental health. To that end, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite tips on how to karate chop stress, depression, and anxiety like a badass mental health ninja. There are 33 […]

The Ultimate 10-Step Bedtime Routine For Better Sleep

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Reading Time: 6 minutes According to the CDC, one-third of Americans don’t get enough sleep. If you’re in this category of quasi-insomniacs, don’t freak out! The good news is, you can do something about it. For starters, optimizing your bedroom environment can help you catch some of those elusive ZZZs. But most importantly, creating a bedtime routine for better […]

7 Breathing Exercises To Calm You The F*ck Down

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Reading Time: 10 minutes For many people, anxiety is a nagging feeling that never goes away. These “Anxious Annies” might keep a journal, exercise, or play video games to escape the confines of their affliction. But there’s an art form out there that not only helps to reduce anxiety. It’s also the antidote for panic attacks when they happen. […]